My 1st Piece for my Portfolio…

Since I am graduating in May, of this year, I been frantically been composing my portfolio. In order to graduate, I need to do capstone requirement which is presenting a portfolio of ten pieces while showing them to people who work in the graphic design industry.  The first piece I have been working on is a typography project. The assignment was to create our own type face out of a logo that we designed for a prior project.  I pay close attention to detail, like I do for all my assignments. I paid attention to the kerning and the leading for each individual letter.  In addition, I focused on consistency. I made sure each letter looked similar. I made sure the letters looked like they belonged to each other. I wanted to make sure that they looked like they belong in the same group and not separate letters. I wanted an organic type face, considering my previous logo was the same artistic style. 




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