Second Week Preparing My Portfolio…

For my second piece, in my portfolio, I chose this piece. The client wanted a magazine spread that consisted of five celebrities and myself. The celebrities are all Sagittarius, including myself. The celebrities and myself had to be illustrations. The celebrities include: Anna Nicole Smith, Bill Nye, Bruce Lee, and Steve Buscemi. In addition, besides the illustrations I incorporated some text considering the client wanted a magazine spread. The client only request, regarding the text, is to include a famous quote that each celebrity said. My main goal was to have all the illustrations look like they belong together as a group. I focused on making all the portraits look similar. In addition, my goal was to make the magazine spread “pop” and stand out. I did not want a magazine spread that was the typical white background with black text. I wanted this magazine spread look vibrant, bold, and colorful. The whole point of graphic design is to catch the viewer’s attention and to hold the viewer’s attention. I feel like this was a well accomplish task of making the spread appealing. Also, I chose rectangular shapes to make the whole layout more interesting to look at. Also, I arranged the rectangle shapes so that it creates a focal point. It allows the viewers’ to move their eyes from each portrait. The rectangles also make the portraits collaborate and come together as one piece rather than five individual portraits. In addition, I chose a teal as a background because I wanted a colorful spread. I tried several other variations and teal is very pleasing to view. Also, the teal background makes it easier to read the white text. I did not want the background to be a dull and plain white. A white background would not keep the audience’s attention. My overall goal was to present a new illustration style that I created and to create a spread that is eye appealing. 







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