Fifth Week Preparing My Portfolio…

For this week, I chose to put my advertisements project in my portfolio. The client wanted a political party name, tag line, logo, and three advertisements pertaining to political platforms. The political party’s name that I created is called “Persuaders Party”. I chose this name because persuaders are people who convince people of their beliefs. The tag line I created is “Want Change? Start Now!”. I chose this because it is a powerful tagline that grabs the attention of the audience by asking a question, which is “Want Change?”. Then I put “Start Now!” because it is a demand and motivates the audience to join the party so the changes they want can start taking effect. For the advertisements, the platforms I chose were gay rights, gun control, and retirement. 

The first advertisement I created is created around gay rights. I am a strong believer in gay marriage and think that gay people should have the same rights as heterosexual people. 

  • Concept: The advertisement uses a photograph that I took myself. As a graphic designer, I believe that all photography should be done yourself and not a stock photo. It enhances your capabilities and skill set as a designer. For this photograph, I shot an image of my two gay friends forming a heart with their hands. They had a gay pride flag, so I used that as a backdrop for the photograph. I used the gay pride flag so that people knew that the hands what the hands represented. 
  • Typography: The client also wanted to add a paragraph of text for each ad as well. I used the typeface called Chaparral Pro. I made the text white because black was hard to read and did not “pop out” as much as the white text. I wanted a typeface that coincided with the ad’s emotion and subject matter. I chose to write about the amount of states that allow gay marriage. Only a handful, of the United States, allow the marriage of same sex couples and I wanted to emphasize that. I wanted to tell the audience that all the states can legalize gay marriage, if we do something about it. 



The second advertisement, that I created, is focused on gun control. I think our 2nd amendment is very important. Since it is part of the Bill of Rights, I believe that the government should not take out right away! 

  • Concept- For the photograph, I had my boyfriend take a picture of himself holding a gun. I chose this image because it is a stronger image than just having a picture of a gun. This picture shows a person holding a gun and is more interesting to look at. I chose a grey background because it a color found in the photograph. Also, it makes the typography easy to see and read. 
  • Typography- For this advertisement, I chose to use two typefaces. The first typeface I used is called Franklin Gothic. This is the typeface that is used in the headline. For the body of text, I used Chaparral Pro. I chose two typefaces so that the headline stands out and is different than the body of text. For the body of text, I focused on the second amendment. I wanted to express that owning a gun is a part of our rights. Also, we need guns for protection. 


The last and final advertisement that I created pertains to retirement. It focuses on how when people get older they are in poverty. These people, who are old enough to retire, need to work until they die in order to not become homeless. I wanted to emphasize on how we need funds and give it to people who are able to retire. 

  • Concept-Here is another example of my photography that I used. I shot a pile of coins since it relates to the title, “funds”. Also, the perspective of the photograph make it more appealing to view. I wanted to show a pile of coins and make them look like they are spilling out onto the ad. As for the background, once again I chose a color that is found in the photograph. I wanted to use coins because i feel like the dollar bill is used too much and not as appealing to view. 
  • Typography-For the type, I used the typeface Rockwell. This is the typeface used for the headline. As for the body of type, I used the typeface called Chaparral. All three ads use Chaparral as the typeface for the paragraph of text. I did this because the advertisements needed to look like they belong in a group rather than three separate ads. 




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