Sixth Week Preparing For My Portfolio…

This week I chose a package design piece that I created for a client. The client wanted a political party name,logo, tag line, game board, and a design package for the game board.

  • Political Party Name: First, I decided to create a political party named “Persuaders Party”. I chose this because persuade means to convince. I think a major component of a political party is to persuade people to vote for your party. This is why I came up with the name “Persuaders Party”. Also, it is short, simple, and very easy to remember. It is not a bizarre name that people would forget. 
  • Logo: Also, I had to create a logo that related to the “Persuaders Party”. I originally started off with a symbol that looks too much like a religious cross or it looked too much like the American Red Heart cross. So I eliminated some lines to make the logo more abstract. I chose the type face because it coincided with the logo and they work well together as one piece rather than two separate pieces. This logo had to be presented on the game board and the package. 
  • Tagline: I created a tagline that went along with the logo. The tagline is “Want Change? Start Now!”. It states that the only way to make a change is to do it immediately rather than procrastinating. The only way to change something is to be proactive about it and to do it right away. 

Game Board: The client wanted a game that marketed their logo. I created the game board along with the way the game is played. For the background, I made an image to look like burnt old parchment paper. I used this background because it is neutral and makes it easy to see the rest of the game. Also, it makes the game interesting to look at rather than using a solid color. One the game board, I made a few spaces hot pink and lime green. I chose those colors because they are bold and make the game pop out and more appealing. Originally I made the spaces on the board the same color as the background. This made the board very dull and not vibrant. This is when I decided to add the lime green and hot pink to the board. The hot pink spaces are the “Vote” spaces. This means you pick up a “Vote” card and read it out loud and follow the directions on the card. These cards will tell you how to move on the board, either move ahead or move back. If you land on a Persuaders Party space, you pick up a Persuaders Party playing card. These cards will have a trivia question on it, if the question is answered correctly, you move ahead one space. However, if the question is answered incorrectly you have to move back one space.  


Package Design for the Game: The picture below shows the package design I did for the game board. I applied the logo to the front of the package. In addition, I put the directions of the game on the backside of the game board box. I put the logo on the front because the party and the the title of the game is the main component of the game. Also, I put the directions on the back of the box because I feel like most people would lose a sheet of paper that had the directions on it. If the directions are on the box, people can read it off the box and not have to worry about losing the directions. 



One thought on “Sixth Week Preparing For My Portfolio…

  1. This looks like a fun and challenging task, to create a board game based on a political party. Well done. I like how descriptive you are in your breakdown of your process, because it allows some insight into how you plan and think this out. I also liked that you included images to demonstrate what you were talking about in the text. However, you might include images when you mention them (like the logo, I was looking for it in its section and later saw it in the end image). Great idea with putting instruction on the box, I always seem to lose the instructions when they are a loose piece of paper.

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