Seventh Week Preparing My Portfolio…

This week I decided to include an illustrative brochure that I designed. In addition, I also constructed and folded the brochure. Designing a brochure is one thing, but printing it the correct way and folding it yourself is a whole other challenge. I feel like this piece does an excellent job displaying my illustrative qualities. Also, it does a good job showing my viewers that I am about to fold and construct a brochure.

Concept– The client wanted a brochure with portraits of a band. I chose the band Blink-182. Tom DeLonge singer and guitarist, Mark Hoppus singer and bassist, and Travis Barker are the members of the band. In addition, each portrait had to be created in a different medium.

Materials Used– I have used multiple different materials for this project. I used torn paper, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, colored pencils, cut paper, and graphite pencil on brown paper.  For my portrait, of Travis Barker, I chose to use colored pencils.  For the portrait of Tom DeLonge, I decided to use all construction paper that was cut. Mark Hoppus’ portrait was created with graphite pencil on brown paper bag paper. The background was created with construction paper that was glued to the paper then ripped off. The background texture and the portraits were also adjusted and modified in Adobe Photoshop. For the text, I used Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to display my used of multimedia. Also, I wanted to express my creativity of using other materials besides a computer or a graphite pencil.

Typography– For the typefaces, I used the typeface called “AR Christy”. I used this type face for the brochure cover, the title (Tour Dates) on the back of the brochure, and used in the inside of the brochure. Inside the brochure I used this typeface for the band members names. The second typeface that I used is called “Candara”. I chose these typefaces because I wanted a type that pertained to the band’s personality. The band is fun, random, and exciting. I feel like this typeface is very fun and exciting. It suits the personality of the band. It also coincidences with the style of the brochure. The type faces and the brochure work well together.

Layout of the Brochure– The cover of the brochure I put the title of the band, which is Blink-182. Inside the brochure I have each band member and some biography information pertaining to each person in the band. Each panel has a portrait of a band member. Also, there is a few lines of text that states the following: the band member’s name, the person’s role in the band, their date of birth, and the area that they are from. I chose this information because I feel like it is the most important. I did not want to overwhelm the brochure with a bunch of text, considering the primary focus of the brochure are my illustrations. On the back of the brochure, I put tour dates for the band. Since the band did not have a recent tour, during the time I created this brochure, I put the most recent tour dates that I could find. I put the tour dates that are from the year 2012. I feel like the tour dates are very important especially when it comes to a brochure for a musical band. Everyone wants to know when the band would be performing and where the band would be performing.

Image    Front of the Brochure

Image   Inside of the Brochure

Image   Back of the Brochure



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