Eighth week Preparing My Portfolio…

For this week, I decided to incorporate some of my Illustration assignments into my portfolio. The project I decided to have in my portfolio is a pop-up recipe. We had to create a recipe that had interactive qualities, or it had to pop up. I am an avid sushi fan, so I chose to make a pop-up sushi recipe. The printed piece has a card stock dinner plate with pieces of sushi on it and it pops out from the surface. The piece as a whole not only shows my Illustrative qualities, but also it shows my abilities to construct an element that pops up.

Concept– I wanted a comical approach to this assignment. I wanted people to view the recipe and laugh. I decided to illustrate a fish, the same type of fish used in sushi, being a butler and holding sushi. It seems comical and grab’s the audience’s attention. Not everyday do you see a cannibalistic fish serving his own kind. Also, since I never produced a pop up before I wanted to do something out of my boundaries. I want to show my viewers that even though I never did something, I can still do it and be successful.

Typography– For the on the outside and in the inside, I chose the type face called Samurai. It is an Asian influence typeface. I chose this type because it fits with the Asian theme of the recipe. The type works well with the illustration. They both work well with each other. For the recipe, I wanted a very plain and simple typeface. I decided to use “Arial” because it is simple and very easy to read. In addition, I used Japanese symbols. I wanted the recipe to have an authentic Japanese feel to it.

Materials Used– I used several different materials. I wanted to experiment with media and make the recipe unique. For the materials, I used Adobe Photoshop, cut construction paper, Adobe Illustrator, colored pencils, card stock, magic marker, and a wiggley eye.

Image  Front of Sushi Recipe

Image  Back of Sushi Recipe



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