Ninth Week Preparing My Portfolio…

This week I decided to use two posters that I created for a piece in my portfolio. Both posters were for clients who wanted a poster for the Colorado State University International Conference On X-ray Lasers. My personal experience with laser knowledge is not nearly as much as a person who has a Doctrine Degree in laser science. Therefore I had to do a decent amount of research.

Concept- So for this assignment, I went to the lab where the lasers are in production. I took several photographs and took mental images. There was a room that had green flashing lights and the room was extreme dark. I made my poster have a black background because the room I was in had a very limited amount of light. I wanted to convey this personal experience of the lab, that is the reason why the background is black rather than a different color. Also, for the illustration I wanted to show an image that related to lasers and had a massive amount of energy. It is a ball of green energy with a laser going around it. Most of the lasers that I seen, at the lab, where a neon green color. I also wanted to create an image that grabs people’s attention and stood out. That is the main purpose of a poster, to grab peoples’ attention. I feel like this image does a superb job being vibrant, bold, and standing out. If I were to walk by this poster, it would make me stop and look at it. That was my main goal for this poster, to grab peoples’ attention and be bold.

Typography- The first poster I created needed the following typography: 14th International Conference On X-ray Lasers, X-ray Lasers and Their Interaction With Matter, the directors of the conference, the date and location of this conference, the website, and the Colorado State University Logo. The type face that I chose is called “Science Fair”. I chose this font because I felt like it fit well with a science environment. Also, it relates to the illustration. The typeface has a technical aspect to it which relates to the subject of the poster. If I used a script font, it would not relate and look awkward. The type always needs to work with the illustration and not feel like a separate element.
Materials Used- Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

laser poster


The second poster…

Concept- For this poster, I wanted to take a photographic approach to it. When I took a tour of the laser lab, I took photograph after photograph of everything that I saw. I used one of the photographs that I took for this poster. It is a photo of a machine that was in one of the lab rooms. I made the photograph have a red hue because red was another color that I seen in the dark labs that I explored. There was a handful of blinking red lights and this is the reason why I chose red. Since I already used green for my other poster, I wanted to use another color. I wanted the image to have a technical feel to it, so I decided to use the halftone filter (in Photoshop) on the photograph.

Typography- I used a typeface called “Optimus” for this poster. I felt like it worked extremely well with the photograph. The photograph looks abstract and shows a lot of geometric shapes in it. The type face mimics the geometric shapes shown throughout the photograph. In addition, I wanted a typeface that was different and not the same old type that every designer chooses to use, such as Helvetica. I wanted a typeface that was less standard and more stylized. I made the title run down the side of the poster because it is more appealing to view. I wanted the typography to stand out and grab peoples’ attention as well.

revised revised photo


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