Tenth Week Preparing My Portfolio…

In a few more weeks, I will be an official college graduate graphic designer with a Bachelor’s Degree. Things are starting to get hectic with revising, reprinting, and remounting all my portfolio pieces. A few more weeks I will be standing in front of a group of graphic designers and presenting each individual piece in my portfolio for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Anyways enough of that, let’s focus on this week’s graphic design portfolio piece. This week I decided to put a package design in my portfolio.

Concept– The assignment was to make some kind of package (a box, bag, etc) that held information pertaining to the fictitious business that we made up.  I decided to construct a folder and a sheet that has information about the business on it. The package would be a welcome package to anyone who travels with the Green Excursion. The business is called “Green Excursion”. This business would travel around the world and go to all different places, such as the Amazon, to replant trees. I came up with this business name. In addition, I had to create a logo for the business.

Logo- For the package design, the logo that I created had to be present on the package design. I chose to hand drawn the words “Green Excursion”. I did hand done type, rather than a pre-existing typeface, because I wanted the logo to have an organic feel to it. I feel like hand done text did a better job displaying a natural and organic appeal than a text that is already made. Also, I added leaf shapes in the upper part of the “E” in the word “Green”. Since Green Excursion deals with trees, I thought a leaf would be the best symbolism for the business.

Layout of the Folder- I decided to have a watermark of a leaf in the background of the folder, on the cover and the inside of the folder. In addition, I made a pattern of leaves in the inside of the folder. I wanted to make the leaves look like the are falling from the top corner of the folder. Also, I added to slits in the pockets inside the folder. The silts are used to hold documents such as the company’s business card.

Layout of the Information Sheet- I decided to create a sheet that has some information about Green Excursion. I decided an information sheet because every welcome package has information pertaining to the company and/or service. I carried over the same watermark that was used on the folder. I used the watermark because I wanted consistency and wanted the folder and the information sheet to look like that they belong together. I did not want the folder and the information sheet to look like two separate items. Parts of the headline and the copy text uses the typeface called Candara. The copy text is 12 point size. For the headline, I decided to use two letters of a typeface that I created myself. I wanted to show my tynpography skills. In addition, the photographs on the ride side were all taken by myself. I am a strong believer in using my own photos rather than Stock Photography. Photography is one of my strengths and I wanted to show my talent with photography, hence why I incorporated the photos onto the sheet.

FINAL COVER FOR FOLDER    Front and Back of the Folder (the folder is spread open)


FINAL INSIDE OF FOLDER    Inside of the Folder with Tabs

MY FINAL INFO SHEET   Information Sheet




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