Eleventh Week Preparing My Portfolio..

The time is coming closer and closer. Next Thursday is my capstone requirement to graduate, which is presenting my portfolio to professional graphic designers. I been working on it since this weekend, 8 hours a day… it’s been overwhelming and nothing but a headache. This week I decided to put two ADS that I designed. I designed the ADS for a fictitious company called Green Excursion. Green Excursion is a company that travels the world and replants trees.

Concept– The first ad I did has a photograph that I have taken myself. I used my own photograph because it is a strength of mine and it looks more professional using my own photos in my design work. I wanted the photography to play off the leaf design in the typeface. So I decided to cut the photograph in the shape of a leaf. I also used a brown color for the background. It is a shade of brown that is used in the photograph. Also, I wanted the background to be appealing and not use a flat solid color. I added some rectangles in the background to make it more interesting to view. Also, I did some copy writing and created the title and the paragraph of text.

Typography– As for the typography I used two different typefaces. For the title and the copy text, I used a typeface called “Nyala”. In addition, I used my own typeface as well. I made the “T”, “D” and “E” in the title “Travel. Discover. Explore”. I made a typeface for Green Excursion and wanted to show it off on the ADS. In addition, I made the text gold and white, once again colors that are from the photograph. I also incorporated the Green Excursion logo on the AD. This way the audience knows the company that the AD is advertising for.


Concept– For the second advertisement, I designed it similar to the first advertisement. I wanted the ads to be slightly different but still look like they belong together. Also, I used a photograph that I took myself. Just like the other ad, I have the same rectangular designed background. However, the background is green. I took the shade of green from the photograph that is shown in the ad. I created the title and the copy text myself. For the title, I put “branching out”. I chose this title because it is the tag line, that I created for Green Excursion.

Typography– For the text, I used a typface titled Nyala. In addition, for the title I used the typeface that I designed myself. Also, i wanted to keep the AD consistent with the other AD so I decided to make text gold.








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