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Ever struggle with creating a business card? Here is a screen recording video that I created. It gives a massive amount of information regarding all the elements that are used for creating business cards. After viewing this video, you will become more confident with knowing what information is needed for a business card.



Eleventh Week Preparing My Portfolio..

The time is coming closer and closer. Next Thursday is my capstone requirement to graduate, which is presenting my portfolio to professional graphic designers. I been working on it since this weekend, 8 hours a day… it’s been overwhelming and nothing but a headache. This week I decided to put two ADS that I designed. I designed the ADS for a fictitious company called Green Excursion. Green Excursion is a company that travels the world and replants trees.

Concept– The first ad I did has a photograph that I have taken myself. I used my own photograph because it is a strength of mine and it looks more professional using my own photos in my design work. I wanted the photography to play off the leaf design in the typeface. So I decided to cut the photograph in the shape of a leaf. I also used a brown color for the background. It is a shade of brown that is used in the photograph. Also, I wanted the background to be appealing and not use a flat solid color. I added some rectangles in the background to make it more interesting to view. Also, I did some copy writing and created the title and the paragraph of text.

Typography– As for the typography I used two different typefaces. For the title and the copy text, I used a typeface called “Nyala”. In addition, I used my own typeface as well. I made the “T”, “D” and “E” in the title “Travel. Discover. Explore”. I made a typeface for Green Excursion and wanted to show it off on the ADS. In addition, I made the text gold and white, once again colors that are from the photograph. I also incorporated the Green Excursion logo on the AD. This way the audience knows the company that the AD is advertising for.


Concept– For the second advertisement, I designed it similar to the first advertisement. I wanted the ads to be slightly different but still look like they belong together. Also, I used a photograph that I took myself. Just like the other ad, I have the same rectangular designed background. However, the background is green. I took the shade of green from the photograph that is shown in the ad. I created the title and the copy text myself. For the title, I put “branching out”. I chose this title because it is the tag line, that I created for Green Excursion.

Typography– For the text, I used a typface titled Nyala. In addition, for the title I used the typeface that I designed myself. Also, i wanted to keep the AD consistent with the other AD so I decided to make text gold.








Tenth Week Preparing My Portfolio…

In a few more weeks, I will be an official college graduate graphic designer with a Bachelor’s Degree. Things are starting to get hectic with revising, reprinting, and remounting all my portfolio pieces. A few more weeks I will be standing in front of a group of graphic designers and presenting each individual piece in my portfolio for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Anyways enough of that, let’s focus on this week’s graphic design portfolio piece. This week I decided to put a package design in my portfolio.

Concept– The assignment was to make some kind of package (a box, bag, etc) that held information pertaining to the fictitious business that we made up.  I decided to construct a folder and a sheet that has information about the business on it. The package would be a welcome package to anyone who travels with the Green Excursion. The business is called “Green Excursion”. This business would travel around the world and go to all different places, such as the Amazon, to replant trees. I came up with this business name. In addition, I had to create a logo for the business.

Logo- For the package design, the logo that I created had to be present on the package design. I chose to hand drawn the words “Green Excursion”. I did hand done type, rather than a pre-existing typeface, because I wanted the logo to have an organic feel to it. I feel like hand done text did a better job displaying a natural and organic appeal than a text that is already made. Also, I added leaf shapes in the upper part of the “E” in the word “Green”. Since Green Excursion deals with trees, I thought a leaf would be the best symbolism for the business.

Layout of the Folder- I decided to have a watermark of a leaf in the background of the folder, on the cover and the inside of the folder. In addition, I made a pattern of leaves in the inside of the folder. I wanted to make the leaves look like the are falling from the top corner of the folder. Also, I added to slits in the pockets inside the folder. The silts are used to hold documents such as the company’s business card.

Layout of the Information Sheet- I decided to create a sheet that has some information about Green Excursion. I decided an information sheet because every welcome package has information pertaining to the company and/or service. I carried over the same watermark that was used on the folder. I used the watermark because I wanted consistency and wanted the folder and the information sheet to look like that they belong together. I did not want the folder and the information sheet to look like two separate items. Parts of the headline and the copy text uses the typeface called Candara. The copy text is 12 point size. For the headline, I decided to use two letters of a typeface that I created myself. I wanted to show my tynpography skills. In addition, the photographs on the ride side were all taken by myself. I am a strong believer in using my own photos rather than Stock Photography. Photography is one of my strengths and I wanted to show my talent with photography, hence why I incorporated the photos onto the sheet.

FINAL COVER FOR FOLDER    Front and Back of the Folder (the folder is spread open)


FINAL INSIDE OF FOLDER    Inside of the Folder with Tabs

MY FINAL INFO SHEET   Information Sheet




Ninth Week Preparing My Portfolio…

This week I decided to use two posters that I created for a piece in my portfolio. Both posters were for clients who wanted a poster for the Colorado State University International Conference On X-ray Lasers. My personal experience with laser knowledge is not nearly as much as a person who has a Doctrine Degree in laser science. Therefore I had to do a decent amount of research.

Concept- So for this assignment, I went to the lab where the lasers are in production. I took several photographs and took mental images. There was a room that had green flashing lights and the room was extreme dark. I made my poster have a black background because the room I was in had a very limited amount of light. I wanted to convey this personal experience of the lab, that is the reason why the background is black rather than a different color. Also, for the illustration I wanted to show an image that related to lasers and had a massive amount of energy. It is a ball of green energy with a laser going around it. Most of the lasers that I seen, at the lab, where a neon green color. I also wanted to create an image that grabs people’s attention and stood out. That is the main purpose of a poster, to grab peoples’ attention. I feel like this image does a superb job being vibrant, bold, and standing out. If I were to walk by this poster, it would make me stop and look at it. That was my main goal for this poster, to grab peoples’ attention and be bold.

Typography- The first poster I created needed the following typography: 14th International Conference On X-ray Lasers, X-ray Lasers and Their Interaction With Matter, the directors of the conference, the date and location of this conference, the website, and the Colorado State University Logo. The type face that I chose is called “Science Fair”. I chose this font because I felt like it fit well with a science environment. Also, it relates to the illustration. The typeface has a technical aspect to it which relates to the subject of the poster. If I used a script font, it would not relate and look awkward. The type always needs to work with the illustration and not feel like a separate element.
Materials Used- Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

laser poster


The second poster…

Concept- For this poster, I wanted to take a photographic approach to it. When I took a tour of the laser lab, I took photograph after photograph of everything that I saw. I used one of the photographs that I took for this poster. It is a photo of a machine that was in one of the lab rooms. I made the photograph have a red hue because red was another color that I seen in the dark labs that I explored. There was a handful of blinking red lights and this is the reason why I chose red. Since I already used green for my other poster, I wanted to use another color. I wanted the image to have a technical feel to it, so I decided to use the halftone filter (in Photoshop) on the photograph.

Typography- I used a typeface called “Optimus” for this poster. I felt like it worked extremely well with the photograph. The photograph looks abstract and shows a lot of geometric shapes in it. The type face mimics the geometric shapes shown throughout the photograph. In addition, I wanted a typeface that was different and not the same old type that every designer chooses to use, such as Helvetica. I wanted a typeface that was less standard and more stylized. I made the title run down the side of the poster because it is more appealing to view. I wanted the typography to stand out and grab peoples’ attention as well.

revised revised photo


Eighth week Preparing My Portfolio…

For this week, I decided to incorporate some of my Illustration assignments into my portfolio. The project I decided to have in my portfolio is a pop-up recipe. We had to create a recipe that had interactive qualities, or it had to pop up. I am an avid sushi fan, so I chose to make a pop-up sushi recipe. The printed piece has a card stock dinner plate with pieces of sushi on it and it pops out from the surface. The piece as a whole not only shows my Illustrative qualities, but also it shows my abilities to construct an element that pops up.

Concept– I wanted a comical approach to this assignment. I wanted people to view the recipe and laugh. I decided to illustrate a fish, the same type of fish used in sushi, being a butler and holding sushi. It seems comical and grab’s the audience’s attention. Not everyday do you see a cannibalistic fish serving his own kind. Also, since I never produced a pop up before I wanted to do something out of my boundaries. I want to show my viewers that even though I never did something, I can still do it and be successful.

Typography– For the on the outside and in the inside, I chose the type face called Samurai. It is an Asian influence typeface. I chose this type because it fits with the Asian theme of the recipe. The type works well with the illustration. They both work well with each other. For the recipe, I wanted a very plain and simple typeface. I decided to use “Arial” because it is simple and very easy to read. In addition, I used Japanese symbols. I wanted the recipe to have an authentic Japanese feel to it.

Materials Used– I used several different materials. I wanted to experiment with media and make the recipe unique. For the materials, I used Adobe Photoshop, cut construction paper, Adobe Illustrator, colored pencils, card stock, magic marker, and a wiggley eye.

Image  Front of Sushi Recipe

Image  Back of Sushi Recipe



Seventh Week Preparing My Portfolio…

This week I decided to include an illustrative brochure that I designed. In addition, I also constructed and folded the brochure. Designing a brochure is one thing, but printing it the correct way and folding it yourself is a whole other challenge. I feel like this piece does an excellent job displaying my illustrative qualities. Also, it does a good job showing my viewers that I am about to fold and construct a brochure.

Concept– The client wanted a brochure with portraits of a band. I chose the band Blink-182. Tom DeLonge singer and guitarist, Mark Hoppus singer and bassist, and Travis Barker are the members of the band. In addition, each portrait had to be created in a different medium.

Materials Used– I have used multiple different materials for this project. I used torn paper, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, colored pencils, cut paper, and graphite pencil on brown paper.  For my portrait, of Travis Barker, I chose to use colored pencils.  For the portrait of Tom DeLonge, I decided to use all construction paper that was cut. Mark Hoppus’ portrait was created with graphite pencil on brown paper bag paper. The background was created with construction paper that was glued to the paper then ripped off. The background texture and the portraits were also adjusted and modified in Adobe Photoshop. For the text, I used Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to display my used of multimedia. Also, I wanted to express my creativity of using other materials besides a computer or a graphite pencil.

Typography– For the typefaces, I used the typeface called “AR Christy”. I used this type face for the brochure cover, the title (Tour Dates) on the back of the brochure, and used in the inside of the brochure. Inside the brochure I used this typeface for the band members names. The second typeface that I used is called “Candara”. I chose these typefaces because I wanted a type that pertained to the band’s personality. The band is fun, random, and exciting. I feel like this typeface is very fun and exciting. It suits the personality of the band. It also coincidences with the style of the brochure. The type faces and the brochure work well together.

Layout of the Brochure– The cover of the brochure I put the title of the band, which is Blink-182. Inside the brochure I have each band member and some biography information pertaining to each person in the band. Each panel has a portrait of a band member. Also, there is a few lines of text that states the following: the band member’s name, the person’s role in the band, their date of birth, and the area that they are from. I chose this information because I feel like it is the most important. I did not want to overwhelm the brochure with a bunch of text, considering the primary focus of the brochure are my illustrations. On the back of the brochure, I put tour dates for the band. Since the band did not have a recent tour, during the time I created this brochure, I put the most recent tour dates that I could find. I put the tour dates that are from the year 2012. I feel like the tour dates are very important especially when it comes to a brochure for a musical band. Everyone wants to know when the band would be performing and where the band would be performing.

Image    Front of the Brochure

Image   Inside of the Brochure

Image   Back of the Brochure



Sixth Week Preparing For My Portfolio…

This week I chose a package design piece that I created for a client. The client wanted a political party name,logo, tag line, game board, and a design package for the game board.

  • Political Party Name: First, I decided to create a political party named “Persuaders Party”. I chose this because persuade means to convince. I think a major component of a political party is to persuade people to vote for your party. This is why I came up with the name “Persuaders Party”. Also, it is short, simple, and very easy to remember. It is not a bizarre name that people would forget. 
  • Logo: Also, I had to create a logo that related to the “Persuaders Party”. I originally started off with a symbol that looks too much like a religious cross or it looked too much like the American Red Heart cross. So I eliminated some lines to make the logo more abstract. I chose the type face because it coincided with the logo and they work well together as one piece rather than two separate pieces. This logo had to be presented on the game board and the package. 
  • Tagline: I created a tagline that went along with the logo. The tagline is “Want Change? Start Now!”. It states that the only way to make a change is to do it immediately rather than procrastinating. The only way to change something is to be proactive about it and to do it right away. 

Game Board: The client wanted a game that marketed their logo. I created the game board along with the way the game is played. For the background, I made an image to look like burnt old parchment paper. I used this background because it is neutral and makes it easy to see the rest of the game. Also, it makes the game interesting to look at rather than using a solid color. One the game board, I made a few spaces hot pink and lime green. I chose those colors because they are bold and make the game pop out and more appealing. Originally I made the spaces on the board the same color as the background. This made the board very dull and not vibrant. This is when I decided to add the lime green and hot pink to the board. The hot pink spaces are the “Vote” spaces. This means you pick up a “Vote” card and read it out loud and follow the directions on the card. These cards will tell you how to move on the board, either move ahead or move back. If you land on a Persuaders Party space, you pick up a Persuaders Party playing card. These cards will have a trivia question on it, if the question is answered correctly, you move ahead one space. However, if the question is answered incorrectly you have to move back one space.  


Package Design for the Game: The picture below shows the package design I did for the game board. I applied the logo to the front of the package. In addition, I put the directions of the game on the backside of the game board box. I put the logo on the front because the party and the the title of the game is the main component of the game. Also, I put the directions on the back of the box because I feel like most people would lose a sheet of paper that had the directions on it. If the directions are on the box, people can read it off the box and not have to worry about losing the directions.