My Artist Statement

As an artist, my primary focus is graphic design. I was always interested in art and the computer, so I decided to major in graphic design. Graphic design consists of art and the computer.  My art expresses my skill set using Adobe programs and my graphic design knowledge. I want my audience to see all skill sets for all the adobe programs. I want my audience to see that I am able to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, etc. It is important to know the technical aspects when it comes to designing. It is the 20th century; everything is based off technology and utilizing graphic design computer programs. I feel like it is very necessary to know these programs. No one designs all by hand and with the rate of technology then everything will be done by machines. This is the reason why I create my art on the computer and focus on graphic design.

My other goal is to show my audience that I grasp a strong understanding about graphic design. Graphic design is more than pasting text onto a photograph and applying a filter.  Anyone can open Photoshop, add a line of text on top of a photograph, and add an obscene filter to the photograph. Graphic designers need to understand concepts and the logic behind good design. That is my primary focus on my design art. I want people to view it and understand that I have a strong understanding with design.

My art is unique because it displays strong visual concepts.  I try to think “outside the box” and design something that a typical designer would not think of. For example, one project I did was to design a logo for the CSU Water Center. I decided to design something that is not related to a typical water drop. When people think of water, they immediately associate it with a water drop. In my opinion, it is less creative and does not stand out. So instead of designing a water droplet, I chose to look at all the different ways that water can be seen. Water is very flexible and can mold into any shape. I wanted to focus on this concept and design an abstract wave of water with a fish emerged into it. It still shows the concept of water but in a different and non-typical way. For all my projects, if I am using photography I will  use my own photographs which is another aspect that makes my art unique. Instead of using stock photos or taking a amateur photo with my cellphone, I use my Nikon D40 SLR camera. Also, I use my photography experience and take good quality photographs. Using my own photos is better than using stock photos because it allows me to express my talent and show other graphic designers that I know some knowledge pertaining to photography. It allows other people to see all my artistic capabilities.

I do my art to express my creativity and to expand my art knowledge. It is a good way to allow people to see who I am. Also, in the graphic design industry I am consistently teaching myself new techniques and methods. Learning new methods keeps my interest and keeps me designing art. When I learn new things, it motivates me to create more and more. I get very ecstatic when I learn a new technique. I am always eager to learn as much as I possibly can. It makes me want to show off my work and show my audience that I am willing to learn new things. I strongly believe that graphic design is field where you need to consistently need to educate yourself.  You need to educate yourself because it is a “hands on” field and technology is being updated non-stop. Adobe programs are updated every year. Since the programs are changing every few years, it is important to be updated on the programs and to educated yourself.

Who is my big inspiration when it comes to graphic design? David Carson is the famous graphic designer that influences me. He is a strong typography designer. Typography is an element that we all could improve on, whether it be leading or kerning. David Carson executes typography in a smooth manner. He makes his typography very appealing to view. The position and the layout of the text makes typography visually appealing. He is an artist that I admire and look up to especially when it comes to typography. I feel like typography is a challenging skill to perfect and David Carson does it so well. He has the ability to make the type appealing. He makes text stylized and interesting to view. Rather than the normal procedure of typing text on a path, David Carson adjust the text so it creates its own artistic form.


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